rochester institute of technology

The massive space that is the University Gallery was offered to me with the one challenge I welcomed. I had to use the expansive elevated wall space as a springboard for a series of site-specific installations. I was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Rubens Family Foundation to fund the exhibition. My goal was to unify areas of upper/lower architecture vertically, while upper planes would be unified by monumental horizontal sculpture. Forms appear to float on walls, defying gravity, while simultaneously possessing elements that succumb to it. Materials that offer defined lines, contrast with translucent materials, creating layers of ethereal presence. They advance, recede, narrow, and swell, unencumbered by the planar wall behind them. Ambient light creates visual and conceptual complexity of implied motion. The white to grey scale of the tangible, and the interplay of shadows intensify the visual illusions. The smaller sculptures, in series, are displayed on the lower walls.